St. John's Lutheran offers a catechism program for students in 7th-9th grade.  This 3 year program uses the Here We Stand curriculum and culminates in a public profession of faith at the conclusion of the 9th grade year.  

Catechism Manager: Kjersten Rathke (
Catechism Teacher: Pastor Chris Meier (
See below for more information, make-up and memory work, calendar, and forms.

Learning Event Make-Up Work

Learning Event #6 - Exile and Return
Learning Event #7 - Ruth
Learning Event #8 - The Birth of Jesus & The Magi
Learning Event #9 - Psalms for Help and Praise
Learning Event #10 - Jesus Heals the Bent Over Woman
Learning Event #11 - The Good Samaritan
Learning Event #12 - Ash Wednesday & Pentecost
Learning Event #13 - Jesus' Temptation in the Wilderness
Learning Event #14 - The Last Supper & The Crucifixion

Other Event Make-Up Work

Acolyte Training
December Plan & Party
9th Grade Retreat
January Plan & Party
Fun & Games at the Middle School
February Plan & Party
Ash Wednesday - Small Group Servant Event
March Plan & Party
March Small Group Servant Event
April Plan & Party