St. John's Confirmation program is called "Here We Stand", and is a teen-relevant approach to confirmation that is active, modern and theologically sound.  "Here We Stand" digs deep into Luther's Small Catechism and Lutheran theology, the story of God's saving work in the Bible, and its relevance today.
We meet September through Palm Sunday on Wednesday evenings, and is for youth in 7th - 9th grades.
Please choose a link below for current information your student may need:
Catechism Corner (a monthly newsletter)
Memory Work
First Commandment
Make Up Sheets
Learning Event #9 - 7th Commandment

Learning Event #10 - 8th Commandment
Learning Event #11 - 9th and 10th Commandments
2017-2018 Calendar

If you will not be at St. John's
for worship and will be attending
another church, please print a copy of
the Sermon Note page, fill it out,
and return to Kjersten.
If you have questions please contact us.