St. John’s has one of the largest church libraries in the area.  With over 4,000 books and DVDs, St. John’s offers quality Christian reading and viewing materials for the congregation and the community, in which we live.  The most popular section of our library is the fiction section.  You will find books on the shelves from today’s most popular Christian writers such as:  Terri Blackstock, Beverly Lewis, Melody Carlson, Karen Kingsbury, and Max Lucado to name just a few.  We have a large DVD section of current family movies for your enjoyment.  Children’s books and DVD’s are also available for check out.   The reference and non-fiction sections of the library offer various versions of the Bible, Commentaries, devotional materials and self-help books.  Come check out the St. John’s Library.   The library is open when the church building is open.
The original library was built as part of the Memorial Parish House construction project that began in June 1947, and was completed and dedicated January 16, 1949.  This library was built on the upper level, a 22’ by 22’ room with a tall Gothic window featuring “Christ Knocking at the Door” in stained glass.  This room is now known as our Heritage Room.  The books held in this library were mostly old German Bibles, hymnal and songbooks, and other reference-type books.  The current church library was built as part of a building/remodeling project approved by the congregation at a special meeting on Sunday, June 19, 1983.  Ground breaking for this project was held July 17, 1983 with the dedication of the addition on September 9, 1984.  In the fall of 1984, Pastor David Kramer asked member and Westmar College Librarian, Janet Wiener, to catalog books for the new church library.  Margaret Swenson helped with the project.  Janet would determine what would go on the catalog cards and Margaret used the typewriter to type the information on the cards, call number labels, checkout cards, and book pockets.  Once the cataloging of all the books was complete, Janet worked in the library one afternoon a week until 1991, checking in books and making sure all was well organized. In 1991, the library was reorganized and updated.  Kay Peters, Deb Anderson, and Lil Rohlfson sorted through the books to determine which books should remain on the shelves and which ones should be removed due to outdated material and subject matter. New computer software was purchased in the summer of this same year.  Beginning in January 1992, books were cataloged using the new computer software.  In order to expand the library, a library book fair was held.  Parishioner’s could purchase and donate books they wanted to see on the library shelves.  The first book fair was held in April 1991 or 1992* New and current materials are added to the shelves every year by holding a Book Fair. 
*The St. John’s 100-year celebration book says the first book fair was 1991.  This may be incorrect since the new software was not purchased until the summer of 1991 and the older books were not accessioned until January 1992.
Former Library Team Members and Helpers:  Deb Anderson, Gail Jones, Kay Michaelson, Tina McMurray, Sheri Oetken, Lil Rohlfson, Margaret Swenson, Janet Wiener